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TDG Truck Loads is both a trucking and a high-performance dispatch company that caters to owners-operators and small freight companies. With hands-on experience and more than 15 years in the business, we have a proven track record of success. Our driving – goal, whether you are an owner-operator, manage a large fleet or small trucking company, is to offer high-quality dispatch services.

We offer our trust by the truckload to all owner-operators by taking the wheel as one of the market’s highest paying loads for dry vans, reefer, and flatbeds. With exceptional service and vison, we locate jobs, schedule loads, and manage delivery with smooth communications that increases day-to-day freight efficiency.

If you are looking for a solid reliable freight dispatcher, with effective customer support, from compliance checks to customer service, consider a long-term partnership with
TDG Truck Loads.

“Meeting the everyday-transport-demand is my pleasure”

Hugo Boisvert

TDGTruckLoads, Manager

Under the drive with class transportation


We offer one of the market’s highest-paying loads

Professional dispatch services

We offer the best dedicated dispatch services to our owner | operator clientele. Some of our services include live GPS tracking of trucks and trailers and factoring your paperwork if needed.

Booking the high-paying loads

We book well-scheduled, high-paying loads customized to your needs. Loads, rates, and routes are your choice. We make sure you get the best freight at the best rate.

Get great customer support

We offer a blend of Class-A customer support, back-office support and more for both drivers and customers.

We push to drive an efficient dispatch service, from compliance checks to customer service for all owner-operators.


We offer delivery efficiency

We offer full EDI capacity

We track shipments in real time

Best - in - Class A Customer Experience

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